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Whiper LT

Remove tape, without lid, keep tape clean, dust free.
New rollers allow straightening and tugging without breaking the tape.

New Mini Roller Head Adopted by a small roller at the tip, this new version of the Mini Roller Head with smooth pulling comfort is upgraded. The head side is hard to hit the paper surface, so it is a strong structure for overlapping. Remove tape, without lid, keep tape clean, dust free.

Pull to correct a sentence. Push to correct a single letter.

Push the slider forward to open the tape.

In case of slack: Take off the head of the bandage, use the tip of the needle in the adjusting hole, and turn the tape in the direction of the arrow.

KindOrder codeTape length (m)Tape width (mm)ColorOutside dimensions (mm)Unit/ Inner box/ Outer carton
49-V64855L.BlueW88xD16xH451 / 10 / 200
Order code(Color)


Tape length (m)5
Tape width (mm)>5
Outside dimensions (mm)W88xD16xH45
Unit/ Inner box/ Outer carton1 / 10 / 200


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